I really wish I’d got my shit together before that dude walked out onto the veranda.

I’m not sure whether it’s because I’ve spent more time locked inside over the past few years than I thought I would spend in my entire life, or the influencers on Instagram forcing content down my throat with more determination than force-feeding a foie-gras goose; but, I recently decided to try my hand at photography. I like the outdoors, but I find I tend to get bored without something to focus on. So, landscape photography seemed like the perfect solution. I could toil around agonizingly chasing the ideal shot, thus keeping myself entertained when I’m without the distraction of others, and I could shamelessly brag share my adventures with my friends and family on Instagram. A win-win.

Like photography, I’ve always fancied blogging too. Still, I’ve never found the time, or more realistically, enough motivation to sit down and do it. I do a fair amount of writing for work, and while I love the satisfaction of reading a well-written article, the process of writing one can be, at the very least, a bit of a drag. To top it off, I’ve never really known what to write about. I’ve toyed with the idea of writing posts related to my research, but after a long day in the lab, the last thing I feel like doing is anything remotely related to work. All this is to say that, for once, with my camera in hand, I think I might have something to write about: the no-doubt numerous blunders I will make while I learn to capture and search for the “perfect” shots.

So here I am. I took one look at my meagre grad student budget and decided that in the current economic climate, the best thing financially would be to start a new, expensive hobby. In this series of posts (I say optimistically as if I’ll (a) write more than one or (b) write about any other topic in the future), I won’t dish out advice; heck, I won’t even pretend I know what I’m doing. However, if you’ve caught the camera bug yourself or want to see what I anticipate to be the less glamorous side of photography before you drop a significant sum of your hard-earned cash on gear, I might have something to offer. It’s not a beginner’s guide (I wouldn’t touch any advice I have to offer on this subject with a ten-foot pole) but a beginner’s journey. I expect the only thing you might learn is what not to do, although I guess that can still be helpful.

My plan is simple. I’ll write about the gear I use (again, these aren’t recommendations, but things I may or may not have been conned into buying), the things I learn, and the places I go. In short, everything you might need to follow my journey yourself or simply have a laugh at my expense. As for how frequently I’ll write, I’ve no idea. Maybe I’ll write about each trip, but more likely, I’ll write at most monthly, like more of a summary or reflection on my current progress.

To be honest, I’ve can’t imagine anyone reading this. The internet is vast, and I won’t be advertising my blog for fear of ridicule. However, if by some miracle the algorithms have bought you here and you’ve made it this far, thanks and welcome! Whenever I check the analytics on my website, I’m never surprised to see that half of the views originate from Russia or China, and somehow I doubt they’re actual eyeballs. I’ll leave it here for now, but next time I’ll share my experiences of my first trip away and my first attempt at nighttime photography with my stupidly expensive tripod (yes, I’ll talk about that too). Since I’m writing this in the comfort and bliss of Toronto Pearson airport (lol), by the time I post next, I’ll have trekked up to Yellowknife too, so there are lots of ramblings and mediocre photos on the way!